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My name is Peter, and I am the founder of the House Of United ministry. My goal is to help believers and non-believers a channel to receive support, to better the life by God's given strength, enthusiasm, to walk with God and improve the Spiritual Life through the daily bible study podcast, Bible motivation video digest, and Gospel and Psalms worshiping. As a web developer, a programmer, a musician, a father of four and a dreamer, I want you to growth Spiritually with us to accomplish God's plan, His best purpose, for you and each one of us. I earned my MPA at NYU, and I am pursuing another Masters in Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary. My goal is to serve Him and to work on His blueprint on me.  For preparing this worship Album, I also took a 701 Doctoral Worship Study course at the Institute of Worship Studies last summer.

您好,我是侯鹏飞, 联合屋事工的聯絡人。我目前在亚特兰大华人基督教会服侍。目前正在改革宗神学院修读神学硕士的学位。在就讀期间,我作曲填词一些敬拜歌曲,所以製作了这个网站,為了邀请所有主內的弟兄姊妹,以及朋友们一起来歌讼主。我稱这个音樂事工"联合屋", 因為希望大家联合都耒贊美我们的創造者, 及支持音樂創作神國推動。聯合屋事工从2014年三月成立,到2016年, 历経一年10个多月,終於完成了第一張專輯。希望所有弟兄姐妹及朋友们支持聯合屋事工, 帶这專輯回家。

The Worship Album Lyrics has 70% original text coming from Bible, except the Psalms, are 100% directly based on the ESV Bible. You can preview the Chinese version of the Albumin this website. I hope these worship music and songs can lift up your burning desire to follow and serve Jesus, our Lord, during our relatively short lifein this Earth. The main purpose of this Album is to glorify God and follow theGod centered worship although the worship music has blended into my personal composing styles. I have depleted most of my own funding after finished this Album and if you could help, any amount if fine, please click the  Green bottom   here or on the right-hand upper side to donate to this ministry. I appreciate and will remembrance your kind heart and support, God Bless You.  In His Grace, Peter

在這張崇拜專輯,有百分之七十以上的詞是直接從合和本圣経來的。所有詩篇歌曲是百分之百從圣経一字不漏的轉唱。大家听了以後, 請给我意见。如果您需要谱或大量CD送人的话,只要你在这个网站上面聯络我 (,我会速速的提供给您。谢谢。

我们需要您的奉獻支持,我们才有辩法採購專業的錄音器材, 及維持基本開銷。如果你可以帮助我們,金錢的支持,請將支票寄到 11877 Douglas Rd., Suite 102-196,Alpharetta, GA 30005, 或著奌擊右邊的奉獻. 如何您有什么疑問, 请发 email 给我。谢谢您.

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联合屋是2014三月份侯鹏飞弟兄开始成立的.目前所有的歌曲都是由侯弟兄以及他的孩子谱曲创作及錄制而成.感谢主!许多的姐妹弟兄以及亚特兰大华人基督教北堂,特別是忍耐团契支持我的神學就讀,我才会有联合屋的事 工。我们迫切的需要您的赞助以及支持,才能够将音乐做得更好更多,传道福音朋友以及已经信主的姐妹弟兄耳中。虽然所有的音乐版权是属于联合屋音乐事工,但是我们鼓励支持神国的大使命行动,我们希望您下载,拷贝这些音乐,送给还在寻求福音的朋友以已经信主的姐妹弟兄,使得神国的福音可以廣传. 如果您喜欢我们的音乐也愿意的话,请您加入我們的电郵通訊,或者是赞助我们联合屋音乐事工. 為了有更多的福音广传, 更好的崇拜录音,更好的赞美歌曲,这全部都要靠您的奉献与支持.请您支持. 再次谢谢您. 


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All worship songs lyrics are directly from the Holy Bible



All worship songs and God Centered Worshipwithspecially composing style you may have neverheardbefore


每首歌的乐曲结合当代音乐及古典音乐. 适合演奏,福音活动,以及敬拜   


All worship songs are great fits for everyone in the Family including kids, teenagers, fathers or mothers